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"Out of the Limelight" tells the story of a Polish patriot, literary historian, poet, journalist, writer and diplomat, Zygmunt Lubicz-Zaleski, born in 1882 in Klonowiec-Koracz.

Rafael Lewandowski, director of the documentary, has gathered many hours of recordings of interviews with people who knew Zygmunt Lubicz-Zaleski personally, as well as historical researchers and consultants. Original story featured in the film has been told both by members of Zaleski family and students from the Polish High School in Villard-de-Lans, where Zygmunt Zaleski was the principal. The story has also been told by historians who bring Zygmunt Zaleski's diplomatic and political activity closer to the viewers and, from the perspective of time, evaluate his contribution to the development of Polish culture in the uneasy times of the First and Second World Wars.

Memories and touching anecdotes let viewers see Zygmunt Zaleski not only as a diplomat, publicist or teacher, engaged in the struggle for Polish culture, but also an open-minded, warm, passionate man. The story of his life has been interwoven with fragments of his work, read by the great Polish actor, Wojciech Pszoniak.

About the director
The film "Out of the limelight" was directed by Rafael Lewandowski, who has Polish and French origins. His feature film debut in “The mole” in 2010, with Borys Szyc, Marian Dziędziel and Wojciech Pszoniak, was awarded with Polityka's Passport and during numerous film festivals (including the 36th Polish Feature Film Festival in Gdynia and the 35th International Film Festival in Montreal).

Lewandowski’s artistic output includes the history of the painter Jerzy Mierzejewski ("The Art of Silence") or the famous French conductor Marc Minkowski ("Minkowski | Saga"). After 7 years, during "Out of the limelight" shooting, Rafael Lewandowski, once again worked on the set with Wojciech Pszoniak.

In 2015, Rafael Lewandowski was honored with prestigious Order of the Art and Literature awarded by the French Ministry of Culture.

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