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Zygmunt Zaleski Stichting was founded in 1990 in Netherlands. Its founder Roman Zaleski, son of Zygmunt Lubicz-Zaleski, established the Foundation to honor his father's memory.

From the very beginning, the Foundation's main goal was to support the development of Polish culture, both in Poland and in France. For almost 30 years, the Foundation supported the Polish Library in Paris, one of the most important Polish cultural institutions abroad, whose director is Kazimierz Piotr Zaleski, Roman's brother. The financial support provided by the Foundation enabled not only to maintain the Library and it availability to the public, but also to save the decaying building, through a general renovation. It also enabled the renovation of the part of the collection.
For over 20 years, the Foundation has been cooperating with the Animato Association, which finds and promotes talented young pianists who have already graduated from the school but have not yet started their professional careers. Zygmunt Zaleski Stichting supports Animato in organization of recitals that help young artists to get used to the stage and present their talent to the public. In addition,, the Association together with the Foundation, organizes the Grand Prix Animato - a piano competition of international rank.

As part of its activities in favour of historical treasures in Poland, the Foundation donated two eighteenth-century carpets to the Royal Castle in Warsaw. Moreover, a sixteenth-century tapestry was donated to Krakow's Wawel Castle. The Museum of Central Pomerania in Słupsk received a portrait of Helena Białynicka-Birula, painted by Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz from the Foundation.

The Foundation also sponsored the exhibition "The White Eagle Stanisław August Poniatowski Poland’s Last King, Collector and Patron of the Arts of the Enlightenment Era". The exhibition was organised by the Palace Museum in Compiegne, the French Palais-Musée de Compiègne, la Réunion des Musées Nationaux, and the Royal Palace Museum in Warsaw.

Thanks to the Foundation's activities, France became the owner of a valuable collection of liturgical ornaments and embroidered religious paintings, collected for 40 years by the Fruman spouses. The exhibition is currently available in the Puy-en-Velay Cathedral and contains 186 decorations from the XV-XVIII centuries, including, one of the most valuable part of Escorial’s antependium from the XVI century.

In 2016, Zygmunt Zaleski Stichting, supported the University of Warsaw in organizing the conference "Life in Palmyra, Life for Palmyra". During the event, over 30 scientists specializing in research on Palmyra, a Syrian city full of ancient monuments, destroyed in recent years by ISIS, performed.

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